Barlinek is a city with a population of 15,000, the history of which dates back to the 13th century. That is why we can find many historical elements in the city: defensive walls, historic tenement houses, and religious buildings. The vicinity of Barlinek is the area of the Barlinek-Gorzowski Landscape Park with unique natural and scenic values, classified as one of the most beautiful landscape areas of western Poland. There are many lakes in the area. Here is also the source of one of the largest rivers in Western Pomerania – the Płonia River. One of the biggest attractions is Lake Barlineckie – with an area of 275 h and first class water purity. Lovers of active recreation will find many opportunities to spend time in the bosom of nature: hiking and biking tours, cruises on a passenger ship, sailing, tennis, fishing, Nordic Walking (70 km of marked routes).


          From the hotel garden, you can go on a trip through the picturesque park adjacent to the hotel with a beautiful view of the lake, and further along the fragments of the historic defensive walls, you can reach a small promenade with a fountain on the lake. Turning further to the right, you can visit the market square of Barlinek with a monument to the historic Gęsiarka (fountain). It is also possible to visit the gothic church and the Regional Museum located opposite. You can return to the hotel by going down from the back of the church, taking the stairs in the defensive walls, again to the Park of  Emanuel Lasker, who was philosopher and mathematician, born in Barlinek in 1868. He was the World Chess Champion continuously for 27 years.


          Several hiking trails of various lengths have been marked out in the surrounding areas, thanks to which you can get to know the local attractions much better. A good example is the Blue Legend Route, which runs both through the center of Barlinek and among forest areas. Maps and descriptions of all routes can be obtained at the reception of the Hotel or read them on the website of the Tourist Information Center in Barlinek –


          The Alma Hotel is situated right next to the forest area and in the vicinity of lakes, so it is worth going on bicycle trips along the forest routes. We offer, among other things, a short trip: to Krzynka 4 km one way or further to Lake Okno 7 km. A mid-distance trip – around Lake Barlineckie, 12 km in total. A long trip (40 km in total) to the Dendrological Garden in Przelewice.


          Barlinek is the European Capital of Nordic Walking. There are 7 NW routes of varied distance and difficulty in the area. The poles are lent for free by the hotel reception, here you will also receive maps with individual routes to choose from. For beginners, the hotel offers the first NW lesson with an instructor, where you will get acquainted with the arcana of this pleasant and currently fashionable form of recreation.


          We recommend two professional 18-hole golf courses: “Modry Las” Choszczno 30 km away from the hotel, “Binowo” Szczecin 85 km away from the hotel. The addresses will be provided by the reception desk.

          We encourage you to book a cruise on a passenger ship on Lake Barlineckie from the marina of the Janowo Center (2 km from the hotel) or to rent pedal boats, kayaks, sailboats or rowing boats from the marina at the Promenade or at the Sports Stadium. There are also clay tennis courts next to the Stadium. In the surrounding areas, there is also the possibility of horse riding, fishing, mushroom picking and hunting. (Own reservations – contact details are provided by the reception desk.)

          Apart from the nearby shops and restaurants, we recommend our small HOSSO Gallery to lovers of shopping malls, or if you want to do more shopping, nearby Gorzów – 27 km from the hotel (Mall NOVA PARK and ASKANA) or Szczecin – 85 km from the hotel (Mall KASKADA and GALAXY).